Customer Experience Matters

This past May, as manager of the Service Desk call center, I attended the Help Desk Institute (HDI) Conference Expo 2017. HDI is an organization of technical support professionals in both the private and public sectors, and once a year, members gather to share ideas, present research, and participate in workshops. This year the conference was held at the National Harbor, just outside of Washington, D.C.

At the conference, I attended a workshop called “Customer Experience Mapping” with a group of about 40 others where we discussed and practiced mapping out a customer’s service journey. This is a practice built on the premise of process mapping, i.e., capturing and defining each work step in a given process, from trigger to end result. Engineers, developers, business analysts, and other professionals use process mapping when building factories, designing databases, or implementing HR software to create efficiency. However, the steps they map often leave out one crucial element -- human emotion.

Customer experience mapping requires listing out the emotions the steps evoke in the person or people involved and the outward reactions that follow: A customer’s smile, or maybe a negative tweet. At the Service Desk, we want to implement customer experience maps to help us prioritize areas for improvement in our service delivery and support, and to prevent the negative experiences a bad process might be causing.

To complement our focus on customer experience, we plan to redesign how we capture, share, and update the knowledge resources (i.e., the IT Library) available to the UMD community. We will be focusing on integrating the incident resolution process with the creation of new articles and content, actively seeking feedback from the community, and encouraging everyone to ask and answer questions about IT on campus directly in our online IT Library.

Look forward to these exciting improvements as we continue to ensure that your experience with UMD IT services is great!

Sam Porter, Assistant Manager, DIT Community Support and Outreach
Published On: 
Tuesday, July 25, 2017