Emergency Operations Plan - Objectives & Concept


The primary objectives of the DIT Emergency Operations Plan are:

  • Establishing the management structure and process for responding to emergencies;
  • Protecting the health and safety of the university community;
  • Providing a planned response to emergency situations;
  • Protecting the campus IT infrastructure;
  • Bringing the information technology infrastructure back to a production level of service after an emergency with priority given to the university web site, campus telecommunication services and university enterprise email.


The Division of Information Technology's response to emergencies is in two phases:

  • initial response operations
  • extended response operations

The initial response operations are initiated when the VP/CIO declares an information technology emergency.  This empowers the Emergency Coordinator to activate the appropriate Emergency Response Teams, and open the EmergencyOperationsControlCenter, if needed, to respond to the emergency. Once the immediate emergency is over, extended emergency response operations are begun to bring the information technology infrastructure back to a production level.  This may include invoking the DIT Disaster Recovery Plan and/or the DIT Business Continuity Procedures to continue operation during the recovery process.

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