Public PGP Key

Users receive email messages warning that the expiration date for their current password is approaching. These messages are digitally signed using PGP to provide some assurance of authenticity of the message. Those utilizing PGP or GnuPG enabled mail readers can validate the message if they have imported the public key for the notification service.

For more information on GnuPG, an open source implementation of the OpenPGP standard, please see

Download Public Key for it-password-notification.

Public Key Details
Email Address
Key ID   0xB68FE2EC
Type   DH/DSS
Size   2048/1024
Cipher   AES-256
Fingerprint   D342 2A54 2225 BDBB 2CB3 3DB7 C9A7 0EF4 B68F E2EC


Many PGP enabled clients can also import the key directly from the keyserver Be sure to verify the Key ID and fingerprint of any key that you download to protect against counterfeit keys.