Estimating Your Costs for Co-Location

There are no “housing” costs for using space within the Research Data Center. Requesting offices are required to pay for all expenses associated with the installation of their equipment in the data center. This typically includes the costs for racks, power, and networking. Charges are cost-recovery only.

Typical Installation Costs

The costs below are based on typical installations, are provided for sample purposes only, and were established based on pricing in January 2007. Your costs may vary.

Rack Costs (for Shared DIT Racks): There is a one-time cost to install a server in a rack outfitted by DIT. Costs are based on a rack “unit” aka a “U” (U is the standard for rack-mounted components and is measured in rack Units, typically about 1.75-inch or 44.5mm = 1U). This cost includes the rack space the machine occupies; costs for the keyboard, video monitor, and mouse (KVM) switching for access; in-rack UPS systems; power installation to the rack; floor cuts; and grommets. This does not include networking for the system.

$333/rack unit or slot

Network Wiring (for shared DIT racks): DIT Racks will be equipped with 20 network ports available.

$90 per connection

Network Wiring (when supplying your own rack): Includes patch panels (server and switch), wiring, and labor. Network wiring will be run on patch panels accommodating up to 6 connections, 7-12 connections, and up to 24 connections. Network wiring costs are associated only with the rack (or racks) requiring network connections, so if there are multiple racks but only one that requires network access, this cost would only apply to that rack.

$800-1800 depending on required connections

Electrical Circuitry/Floor Cuts and Protective Grommets (when supplying your own rack): There are no recurring electrical costs however there are costs associated with the installation of equipment as electrical circuits must be run from the power distribution unit (PDU) to the equipment racks. Typical rack installations will call for three to four 30A/120V electrical circuits and will cost about $1200-$1600 per rack. This includes time and materials. This is a “per rack” estimate. Labor costs (time) will be less on average for the installation of multiple racks. Whenever possible, electrical installations will be combined to lower costs.

Prices will vary for special receptacles or breakers, for 220V electrical feeds or other special requirements.

$1600 per rack
Other Costs

Network Connections: A significant amount of networking infrastructure (switches, routers, etc.) is required for the Research Data Center. The equipment cost and its associated maintenance was forecast over a four year life cycle for an estimated number of ports. The resultant cost per port over that period is $12 per month.

As of July 1, 2013, the per month service charge for data ports is $11 per port extending the per connection cost to $23 per month. This $11 per month service charge helps provide networking support and infrastructure refresh.

$23 per month per network port

$11 per month for each additional IP

Relocation Costs: DIT does not relocate equipment. Costs associated with relocating equipment are borne by the equipment owner. DIT recommends using a moving company that specializes in the relocation of computer equipment.

Requesting Unit’s Responsibility
Other Costs: Any additional costs specific to a unit's equipment are the responsibility of the unit. Requesting Unit’s Responsibility