Helene Cohen (Chair)
Executive Director, Innovative Technology & Partnerships, College of Education

John Burke
Director, Division of Information Technology

Ryan Curtis
Lecturer and Assistant Director, College of Behavioral and Social Sciences

Rachel Gammons
Head of Teaching & Learning Services, University Libraries

Robert Gold
Professor and Chair, School of Public Health

Tim Hammond
IT Systems Analyst, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Megan Masters
Senior Project Manager, Division of Information Technology

Deb Mateik
Director, Division of Information Technology

Philip John Piety
Senior Lecturer, College of Information Studies

William L. Powers
Executive Dean, School of Public Policy

Robert Sanner
Associate Professor, A. James Clark School of Engineering

Patricia Ann Shields
Senior Lecturer, College of Computer, Mathematical and Natural Sciences

Ann C. Smith
Assistant Dean, Office of Undergraduate Studies

Liese Zahabi
Associate Professor, College of Arts and Humanities

Jeffrey Hollingsworth (Ex Officio)
Interim CIO, Division of Information Technology

Marcio A. Oliveira (Ex Officio)
Assistant Vice President, Division of Information Technology

Ben Bederson (Provost Ex Officio)
Professor and Associate Provost


The Learning Technology Working Group (LTWG) provides the vision, priorities, and pace for enterprise learning technology solutions and services to be undertaken on campus. Its work focuses on endorsing the adoption of new learning technology solutions, as well making recommendations when we need to upgrade or decommission some of our existing services. Deans nominate committee members. The committee usually meets three to four times a semester for one hour.


UMD DIT Learning Technology Working Group