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Spring 2015


Create Diagrams, Publications, and More with New UMD Services

UMD faculty, staff, and students can now take advantage of two new Web-based services to help create flowcharts, org charts, newsletters, and more -- Lucidchart and Lucidpress. Full article

DIT Launches One.UMD Service Delivery Platform

UMD partnered with rSmart and Internet2 to provide access to approximately 130 campus services in one location, from any computer or mobile device. With search and app-store-like features, the newly launched One.UMD platform simplifies access to services ranging from class registration to email and replicates the communication capabilities and online shopping experiences people are accustomed to using. Full article

Tripti Sinha Elected Co-Chair of International Internet Group

UMD's Assistant Vice President and Deputy CIO for DIT, Tripti Sinha, has been elected co-chair of the Root Server System Advisory Committee (RSSAC) by its members effective January 1, 2015. Sinha was appointed to the RSSAC as the D-Root representative by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) Board of Directors. RSSAC advises the ICANN Board of Directors and community on the operation, administration, security, and integrity of the Internet's Domain Name System (DNS) root server system. Full article

Realize Your Ideas with Adobe Creative Cloud Apps

Do you need professional-level creative software? You can get Adobe Creative Cloud apps at no cost via TERPware, the university's software download website. Adobe Creative Cloud allows you to access the latest versions of Adobe's most popular software titles. Full article

Gartner Database Supports IT Research

University faculty, staff, and students can take advantage of the Gartner database when researching technology trends and information. The database is managed by The Gartner Group, a company of IT analysts and consultants, and includes real-world case studies, market analyses, statistics, and more. Full article


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