Information Literacy Issues: Value Added Features

Evaluate any 'Value Add' service of the site

What can be considered a valuable addition to a Web site? Generally, anything that helps the user find the information needed. Here are some examples: Web sites moderated by trained professionals who receive and respond to feedback; evaluation or rating of informational content or presentation on this or other sites; provision of text-only formats, search engines, navigational and help tools.

Things to look for:

  • Evidence of a content manager with appropriate credentials
  • Clear navigation bars
  • Index and/or search facilities
  • Descriptions of site structure beyond the table of contents (site maps)
  • About or help information
  • Summaries or abstracts
  • Ratings and/or evaluations
  • Feedback mechanisms

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Originally published May 1996 by Lida L. Larsen, Assistant Director, Collegial Relations and Information Services, Office of Information Technology, University of Maryland, College Park. Revised April 2006. Copyright Protected

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