Computer Classrooms

(formerly Teaching Theaters)

The University of Maryland has two centrally managed and scheduled Computer Classrooms.  These facilities provide faculty and students with a technology-rich learning environment that has access to all the AV capability of a well-equipped Technology Classroom as well as computers for all the students. 

IT Computer Classroom
1410 Computer and Space Sciences Building

PLS Computer Classroom
1129 Plant Sciences Building

Request to Use a Computer Classroom

You may request a Computer Classroom reservation here.

If you want software to be installed on the computers, please fill out the online software request form at least two weeks before the semester begins or the date you will need the software.

Assistance in Using Computer Classrooms

The Computer Classrooms are located in buildings which have Support Offices so if instructors have problems during class, help is nearby. 

If you want help or training in using the Computer Classroom or you would like to have your TA trained in using the technology, please contact

For Classroom Server Space

Click here.

Acceptable Use Policy

All users are expected to abide by the University's Policy on Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources.

Resources for Faculty

The Computer Classrooms are equipped with a full-range of AV presentation technology as well as special software for sharing computer screens. For both Windows and Mac users, the software for sharing computer screens within a Computer Classroom is LanSchool.


If you would like to leave feedback about a computer classroom or technology classroom, please fill out the online Feedback Form.

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