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Keeping on the WebTrack was created with two main goals in mind. First, to serve the University of Maryland web community as a reference source for useful web sites relating to web development. And second, to help that same community remain up-to-date on the latest pertinent web developments.

This site is not, nor is it intended to be, a definite collection of all the web reference sites out there. It is merely a collection of some of the most useful we have found. And we're always looking to add to our database. If there's a site you use for reference or to help keep you up-to-date on the web, please let us know.

How to Use This Site

Information in WebTrack is organized into various categories. A description of each category can be found on the main page. Just select whichever category interests you to see the sites listed. Within categories, sites are organized by rating, then experience level, then alphabetically.

In Keeping on the WebTrack, we present listing of sites on various topics along with a some additional information. A typical WebTrack listing will look like this:
WebTrack Sample
Site Title & Hyperlink: The title of the site. Click on it to visit the site.

Site URL: The Uniform Resource Locator, or URL , is the web address for the site.

Site Rating: The rating of the site as judged by the reviewer based on the following criteria:
* An okay site. If you have a special interest in the content or some extra time, be sure to visit.
** An excellent site. Definitely worth a visit.
*** An awesome site! The best site of its type. If you only have a limited amount of surf time, this is the site to visit.



Site User Level: The user level of the site as judged by the reviewer based on the following criteria:
Beginner Can be understood by anyone who has basic knowledge of the web and computers.
Intermediate Requires some experience using computers and/or at least basic web developer skills.
Advanced Specialized and/or detailed knowledge of subject may be required.