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Denny Gulick,Ph.D

Professor of Mathematics
Associate Chair for the Undergraduate Program
Department of Mathematics

Denny Gulick is Professor of Mathematics, and presently oversees the undergraduate program in mathematics.  His main interests in mathematics focus on the fundamental subject of calculus and the new sciences of chaos and fractals.  With six editions of his calculus textbook (co-authored by colleague Robert Ellis), as well as a textbook entitled "Encounters with Chaos," he is presently working on a new "Encounters with Chaos and Fractals." He also has been active in statewide college education policies, is the leader of the college mathematicians in the State of Maryland, and is involved at the national level in controversial issues related to mathematics and mathematics teaching.

With respect to East Asian issues, Denny Gulick and his wife, Frances Gulick, have been sending friendship dolls to schoolchildren in Japan during the past 17 years, in the same vein that nearly 13,000 friendship dolls were sent from American children to Japanese children in the 1920's in a famous "doll mission" inaugurated by Denny's grandfather, Sidney L. Gulick I.   (Denny Gulick's formal name is Sidney L. Gulick, 3d.)  It is Denny Gulick's hope to be able to take groups of students in a study abroad program to witness the many wonderful facets of Japanese culture and the extraordinary characteristics of the Japanese people.